A Time To Reflect, A Time To Move On

As the year is quickly coming to a close, I find myself reflecting on the past and the wonderful moments in time that we all cherish in one way or another. It's ironic how as each day passes I find myself becoming more and more like my father; who I used to poke fun at when he would drive us past an old friends house or his high school and say "You remember Tommy, he used to live there" or "I walked up hill in three feet of snow both ways in shoes with newspaper as insoles just to get an education; and I was damn happy to do it". Can someone please explain that one to me…. Thanks Dad!

Well, the time has come for me to create my own statements of wisdom and continue with my journey in life. Long ago I set many goals for myself, some attainable and some way out there. I can proudly say I have accomplished many of them, and some I can say were just pipe dreams from a young man with lots of drive and ambition. A few of those pipe dreams came close to becoming reality, but the timing was just not to be. I could blame it on a slowing economy, possibly the climate in Minnesota or maybe Gods way of keeping things real for me; regardless the ride has been hard, challenging and lots of fun.

As that young man I made one very important promise to myself that would guarantee a successful future for my family and myself as I moved towards retirement. This one promise had to be real and I could not compromise it in any way. It is the foundation that allowed everything else in my life to work.

I set an absolute time frame for myself to chase my wildest dreams, to see what I was made of, to test my boundaries and to take risks that would allow me the chance to see my dreams come true. My promise was to set a date for me to evaluate where I am on my life journey, and make the changes necessary to secure my financial future for the second half of my life.

One of the biggest joys of the past twenty years has been working in the auction industry. I have learned so much about people, business, and just life. I have made many friends and built lifelong relationships with some fantastic people. This time has also served as an opportunity to reflect upon the decisions I have made, good and bad; and put things back on track or push harder then I was.

But everything has its beginning and its end, and for me the end of the auction business has come. It is time for me to move on to new challenges and build upon relationships that mean the most to me. It has been an interesting ride, but I leave with no regrets and plenty of stories to continually share with my kids as I drive them by my old stomping grounds and say, "I remember when I .......".

May your stories live on in the lives of your loved ones as well!
Thank you for making my life meaningful!

God Bless,

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